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Designing for Ethics

Designing for Ethics

The corporate world has many mechanisms in place to prevent, assess, and address ethical violations in the workplace. But do these mechanisms really meet the needs of an employee facing an ethical dilemma? At our 5th Annual Forum in Chicago, we dove into the innovative field of design thinking in search of an answer.

How to Make the Right Choice

How to Make the Right Choice

Tom Linebarger gives his insight into dealing with difficult decisions. He offers a practical, simple approach to making the right call -- even when it feels like there is no right answer.

The Triggers We Don't Notice

Ethical decision-making isn’t always as rational as we often think it is. Here’s how subconscious priming can actually make people more ethical.

The Potential Danger of Lofty Goals

A new study on high performance goals, depletion, and unethical behavior shows that it might be time to pump the brakes on the pressure and realize the potential harm it could be doing.

Communicating Values from the Top

Communicating Values from the Top

Cathy Engelbert, CEO of Deloitte LLP, discusses the importance of communicating an ethical tone from the top – and how recruitment and professional development play a part in building a culture of integrity. She also discusses how ethics and strategy are interwoven.

The Power of Storytelling

Trainings are ubiquitous in the corporate world. In addition to learning about their actual jobs, employees go through trainings on their organizations’ policies, procedures, norms, strategies, and of course, values. But not all learning is created equal. When it comes to impacting behavior, consider leveraging the good old-fashioned power of story.

Making Feedback Normal

Can I give you a little feedback?” It’s something we all hear or say from time to time, and what follows is often accompanied by awkwardness and anxiety on one or both ends of the conversation. But what if we could release the tension and leverage feedback on a more regular basis?

Educating for Ethics

Educating for Ethics

Ann Nobles, Former Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer of Eli Lilly, discusses how to navigate working in a highly regulated industry. She explains the importance of educating both employees and financial stakeholders on ethical standards in order to ensure a company-wide ethical approach to business. 

Increasing Your Odds

Across the spectrum, researchers say, we’re all prey to thinking we’re more ethical than we really are. The good news is that there are proactive steps businesses can take to avoid common pitfalls.


Why do people do the right thing?

At the Notre Dame Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership, we believe that ethics can drive the business world forward. We aim to understand how ethical behavior is generated in work contexts. By connecting academic and business thought leaders to explore character ethics, we create and disseminate content that is forward-looking, pragmatic, and provocative. 

Collaboration with Ethical Systems

Check out this project we developed with Ethical Systems aimed at translating relevant concepts from the behavioral sciences and psychology as they apply to ethics and decision making for use by companies and organizations. Each topic sheet defines a term, unpacks the concept, explains its relevance to corporate behavior, and provides action steps for using the knowledge provided. Share this with your team, your manager, and your leadership.

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