Advancing Individual Ethical Conduct in Business

Connecting academic and business thought leaders to explore character ethics, the NDDCEL creates and disseminates content that is forward-looking, pragmatic, and provocative.

Why do people do the right thing?

Among the many questions we're investigating here at the NDDCEL, this is perhaps the most interesting and critical for business. Whether it's our 2014 forum at Deloitte University on Cultivating Character, a summary of the latest cutting-edge ideas our scholars are working on, or a first-hand account from an executive on what it takes to lead an ethical career, we hope you'll engage with us as we explore these important topics.

Hiring for Guilt: How a Simple Test Might Help You Hire More Ethical Employees

Hiring for Guilt: How a Simple Test Might Help You Hire More Ethical Employees

Knowing that hiring ethical people means building a better organization, what predictors can savvy employers use to assess a potential employee's ethical fiber?


How Failure Can Be an Asset in Your Ethical Development

John Gordon, Vice President of Strategy and Project Management for IBM's Watson Project, discusses how missing a goal can release the gradual buildup of pressure to hit targets at any cost.

Through the Lens of the Individual

After getting personal perspectives from executives on leading ethical careers in our Walking the Talk video series, check out the Notre Dame Alumni Association Ethics in Action blog to take another look into how Notre Dame grads are dealing with ethical dilemmas in their own careers.

Synergy around Asking More

The Mendoza College of Business and Deloitte share the ideal that businesses can be engines for creating good in the world. This Center, through its contributions to a better understanding of integrity, ethical leadership and judgment, will make progress toward achieving this ideal. 

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