Leading During Times of Crisis

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As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic unfold, leaders are encountering a broad array of challenges. Below, we offer six core principles with supporting resources to help leaders bring their values with them as they venture through the crisis:

Be humble.

→ Crises are full of uncertainty. Resist the temptation to have all the answers. It's not what is best for you, your followers, or your organization.


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Stay creative.

→ Crises can lead us to present ethical decisions as a false choice—for example, as a choice between the economy on one hand or human life on the other. But ethical leaders can bring moral insight to their organizations in order to uphold more than one value or concern at the same time.


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Seek out new opportunities for ethical leadership.

→ Be on the lookout for ways to live out your values you have never noticed before.


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While under pressure, don't lose sight of your principles.

→ Stress and anxiety are inevitable in times that are full of threats and uncertainties. But by understanding and anticipating them, we can arm ourselves against their worst effects.


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Zoom out.

→ Panic can lead to myopia if we don't step back and look beyond the moment of crisis.


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Stay inspired.

→ Whether you do it through nature, positive stories, art, music, or reading, it's crucial to keep in touch with what's most meaningful and most admirable.


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