Transform Your Critics Into Allies [Video]

By Brett Beasley

On his career path from maritime lawyer to pharmaceuticals executive to president and COO of the industrial manufacturer Magnetrol, John Heiser has observed leadership at its best and worst. In this series of videos, he shares key insights on how to engage all stakeholders—even your critics—by developing self-awareness, leading with humility, and listening deeply to those inside and outside the organization.


Turning Critics into Allies

Before watching, ask:

  • Beyond your shareholders, customers, and employees, who does your company affect? Who else can affect you?

  • Does your business engage with these individuals and groups? Why or why not?

After watching, ask:

  • Is there a group that may feel ignored or even slighted by your organization or industry?

  • Are there ways you could listen to this group’s concerns and work toward the creation of shared value?

Leading with Humility

Before watching, ask:

  • When have you seen a humble leader in action?

  • Can humility make a leader more effective—and more ethical?

After watching, ask:

  • How can you integrate more humility into your leadership style?

  • What positive changes in you or your organization might result?

What is Ethical Leadership?

Before watching, ask:

  • What is "ethical leadership" to you?

  • What are the core behaviors, qualities, and competencies of an ethical leader?

After watching, ask:

  • Which of the core skills and qualities of an ethical leader are you lacking?

  • What are practical ways you can become more self-aware, develop authenticity, and engage in ongoing dialogue with your followers?



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