Global Good: Leading Business Amid Challenges in Central Europe

By Jessica McManus Warnell

In his 20+ years with Deloitte, most recently as CEO for Poland, Tomasz Konik has put "making an impact that matters" front and center. Poised to assume leadership as CEO of the firm's Central European operations in 2024, he reflects on leading through the adversity of a region in conflict, and building mission-aligned teams across geographic and cultural boundaries.


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Take Action: 

Want to spark conversation at your next retreat or workshop? Consider these questions in your own organization's context:

  • In companies with offices all over the world, how can leaders effectively imbue the organizational mission in a consistent way? How does corporate mission transcend cultural and national boundaries? 
  • What is the role of business in addressing social challenges?
  • What's next on the horizon for business leaders navigating sociopolitical changes?  


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See how Deloitte connected Ukrainian employees and their families to resources and support by leveraging their global network.



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