2020 Vision: Four New Year's Resolutions for Ethical Leaders

By Brett Beasley

This year we begin not just a new year, but a new decade. Here are four resolutions for making the most of 2020 by sharpening your vision as an ethical leader.


2020 Vision

1. Look out for new things to learn.

There is a tremendous advantage in shifting from being a know-it-all to being a learn-it-all. Not only does it help you foster intellectual humility and a growth mindset, it can actually reduce stress and improve ethical behavior.

2. See beyond fakes to find facts.

In an era of deepfakes and digital disinformation, telling (and sharing) the whole truth and nothing but the truth is a daily battle. But trust is on the line, and it's a battle worth fighting. Ethical leaders can set an example by thinking like fact checkers and refusing to spread false claims.

3. Ask yourself, "Which stakeholders do I overlook?"

In 2020, the Business Roundtable stated that the purpose of a corporation lies in creating value for "all of our stakeholders." What does that mean for your business? This year, commit to engaging with a broader community of stakeholders than you have before. You may find it comes with surprising moral benefits and positive business outcomes as well.

4. Empathize: See beyond your comfort zone.

Often we empathize only when it is easy to do so, such as with individuals share similar points of view or move in similar circles. But here’s the good news: we can both deepen and expand our empathy through practice. Our Executive Director, Chris Adkins, offers specific strategies you can practice and share with your team.

As with changing any habit, it's best to start small. The first step is changing the way we see ourselves and the way we see the world. Follow up with consistent, repeated action, and you'll begin build momentum and grow both personally and professionally.

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